Turkish Citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship has many advantages and can also be a very profitable investment for you and your family.

Alaiye Home Constraction is a developer on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey with many years of experience. Throughout our work, we have helped many of our clients find a new home on the sea coast and obtain the status of a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained in several ways: work in Turkey for more than 5 years, undergo naturalization, obtain citizenship on the basis of the Turkish citizenship of one of the parents, for women – to marry a turkish man and live in marriage for at least 3 years, invest a large amount to the Turkish economy.

The most popular way to obtain Turkish citizenship is by buying real estate. The process of issuing a Turkish passport in this case takes from 2 to 3 months, and at the same time you do not need to be present in the country all this time, you can come to get your new passport upon receipt.

Below are the objects, upon purchase of which in the amount of 400,000 dollars, it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Dual citizenship is allowed in Turkey, so when you receive a Turkish passport, you will not need to renounce the citizenship of your home country.

Together with you, your closest relatives – parents and children under the age of 18 years old – will be able to obtain a Turkish passport. Considering that the Turkish Mediterranean, and especially Alanya, is an incredibly popular region for families with children, such conditions are most convenient for future citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship today will give you the right to visa-free travel to 111 countries of the world, and this figure is increasing every day.

Turkish medicine is developing more and more, advanced technologies are being used, the infrastructure is expanding, local narrow specialists are highly valued, people from all over the world come to Alanya and Antalya for some procedures. If you or your family members have health problems, then having public health insurance, which is given by Turkish citizenship, will greatly support you.

The culture of various rehabilitation institutions is very developed here – for people with disabilities, for those who have undergone surgery, for athletes who have been injured. For many people of retirement age, the high level of free medical care that Turkish citizenship gives is one of the most important arguments in favor of moving and obtaining a local passport.

Alanya has a large network of preschool institutions, junior, middle and high schools. If you wish, you can assign your child to a private institution, which there are also many here. There are high-quality institutions of higher education where your children can go after graduation.

Turkish citizenship will give you the right to work in the territory of the Republic of Turkey in any field, to open your own business as a citizen without any restrictions.

It is important to note that Turkish government do not give anyone information about people who apply for and receive citizenship of the Republic of Turkey – the whole process is strictly confidential. No country or international organization has access to this information.

As for the presence of a criminal record, there are also nuances here. If the precedent does not concern a serious criminal offense, then citizenship is usually not denied.

The set of documents for applying for citizenship when buying real estate is standard. Real estate title deed (TAPU), passport, birth certificate, police clearance certificate. For immediate family members: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates. All documents must be translated by a Turkish notarized translator into Turkish and certified by an apostille. You can always check the current list of documents in addition to the migration service.

Now a few words about real estate, which will give you the right to obtain citizenship.

The way of obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey through the purchase of real estate is considered by the government more as an investment in the economy, therefore, a number of requirements must be met:

  • the cadastral value of real estate  must not be less than 400,000 US dollars,
  • for 3 years you cannot sell the purchased real estate.

What is cadastral value? This is the price indicated in the official documents. As a rule, it is lower than the one declared by the seller in order to reduce the amount of the mandatory purchase tax.

How to fulfill the listed conditions and at the same time make profitable investment? Here are some clarifications:

  • we are talking about any real estate object, it can be an apartment, villa, house, commercial premises, a plot of land for residential construction or a plot of land for commercial activities;
  • you can buy more than one object, but several for a total amount of at least 400,000 US dollars;
  • you can do it gradually. If you do not have the entire amount of money at once, but you assume that over time you will have the opportunity to buy real estate for the required amount of money, purchase objects as finances come in;
  • you can rent your property, receiving official income. Taking into account the specifics of the region, monthly rental income from one or several properties will provide you with a good passive income;
  • when purchasing commercial real estate, you can use it for your own business, and while having citizenship, you will not be subject to restrictions on the activities of foreigners, which means that no obstacles will interfere with your business activities;
  • unlike many other countries where the process of obtaining a passport is accompanied by complex bureaucratic schemes, in Turkey everything is transparent, especially for those who buy real estate – all conditions are known and are publicly available on the website of the migration service.

How to start the process of obtaining citizenship and successfully complete it by obtaining a passport of a citizen of the Republic of Turkey for yourself and your family?

Ask for professional help. No matter how simple and transparent the process is, it is quite laborious. In addition, if the management of an investment project, which is essentially the process of obtaining citizenship based on the purchase of real estate, is not your main profile, all the more, you should hire a special person for this or contact a specialized organization.

If you intend to buy real estate, gaining the required amount of money gradually, you should work with a competent agent or lawyer from the very beginning. It is best to contact a reputable company that has been on the market for many years. It is beneficial to immediately contact the construction company directly, which have their own facilities, both ready-made and under construction. Buying directly from a developer is always more profitable, especially from someone who has been on the market for a long time.

We have been building residential complexes and villas in Alanya for over 30 years. Alaiye Home Construction is a family business that dates back to the distant 60s of the last century. During our presence on the market, we were able to preserve and enhance the heritage of our ancestors, which we are very proud of. Our team consists of professionals in their field – we have assembled them together for a very long time.

By contacting us for the acquisition of real estate in order to obtain the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey, you will receive the most profitable objects on the market and the best locations, you will be assigned a personal manager who will oversee the entire process. In case of a one-time purchase of real estate for the entire required amount of money, the process of obtaining a passport will take about 2 or 3 months. If you plan to buy real estate gradually, we will also manage your investment project for as long as necessary.

Our lawyers will help you with preparation of all documents and certificates. Our company also conducts licensed activities as a real estate agency – this means that we will help you to choose for yourself not only apartments or villas, but also any other real estate object – land, commercial premises, land for commercial activities.

If you are planning to open a business in Turkey, we will gladly select the most profitable locations for you, share our experience, tell you about the features of certain industries, taking into account the real experience of our friends and partners, as well as foreigners who have moved to Turkey, received citizenship and leading affairs on the territory of our country. We sincerely wish that obtaining Turkish citizenship will become a bright new stage in your life for you, open up wide prospects and opportunities for you, make your wishes come true and ensure the well-being of you and your families. If you are planning to choose Alanya, we will soon become neighbors and will be glad to see you in our office at any time.

You can contact our managers for detailed advice on the procedure for obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate and familiarize yourself with current offers suitable for your goals. We can organize for you a three-day real estate info-tour, you can also order an online viewing of the property.

We work with clients from all over the world. We invite everyone interested in profitable investments and obtaining Turkish citizenship to visit our beautiful international city of Alanya, which simultaneously combines intimacy, rapid development, rich infrastructure, historical spirit and incredible beauty at any time of the year. Many Europeans, Americans and residents of Asian regions have found a second home in our city, found the happiness of living in the Mediterranean climate, made close-minded friends, and brought families here.

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