Pre-sales Services

We are responsible for customer service from the first minutes of contacting our company. We provide pre-sales services, while simultaneously fulfilling our main professional task of selecting real estate objects based on client requests. Our work begins with processing your request, selecting suitable properties and preparing them for viewing.

Selection of real estate objects at the request of the client.

In order to build our communication as efficiently as possible, we first of all discuss with you the purpose of acquiring real estate, all the necessary criteria for objects, the estimated terms of the transaction and the desired form of payment. The work is also built depending on how well you know Alanya. For those who are not familiar with the city, we voice all the advantages and disadvantages of the areas, based on the needs, we help to narrow the circle of searches.


Online viewing of real estate.

We will organize an online preview of your chosen properties. You can read about how to prepare for online viewing and conduct it most effectively in our separate article on this topic.


Inspection tour and viewing of real estate objects.

Our company organizes a free information tour to Alanya to view real estate, select suitable properties for you and make a deal. We arrange free airport transfer, free accommodation during your stay in Alanya, and free transport to view properties.

You can read more about the information tour in our separate article on this topic.


Airport transfer in your language.

The free airport transfer will include a guide who speaks your language. From the first minutes of your stay in Alanya, we will take care of you and do everything to make your stay and the process of buying property as comfortable and productive as possible.


Online purchase of real estate.

If you do not have the opportunity to be in Alanya during the transaction, we can organize a remote procedure for purchasing real estate. To do this, you will need to issue a power of attorney to the management of our company at a public notary. Further, the entire process of obtaining ownership rights will be personally supervised by Alaiye Home CEO. In this case, your name will be indicated in the documents of ownership. The procedure is well developed and regularly used by lawyers of our company for the last two years. We also coordinate all the subtleties of the transfer of funds and minimize your costs.

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