Losing Weight After the New Year Holidays! “Alanya Mediterranean Diet”

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Among all possible diets, the Mediterranean is considered the safest, and most importantly, the most effective by nutritionists. For the effect to be noticeable by July, we recommend that you start adhering to this diet right now. For those who live in Alanya, it will not be difficult to start following the dietary menu. All ingredients are plentiful in local supermarkets, and weekly bazaars selling fresh organic vegetables and fruits from local farmers will be your place of power.

Let’s make a reservation right away that there are no strict restrictions in the Mediterranean diet, it has no contraindications, except in cases of individual allergies, and also eliminates any stress, since you definitely won’t have to starve. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates will be fully present in your menu. By adhering to these nutritional principles, you will not only lose weight, but also heal your body by getting rid of the ballast of harmful fats and toxins. Instead of fatigue, you will feel cheerfulness, strengthen your immunity.

Research by scientists has shown that the first results will become noticeable in six months, and in a year you can lose up to 10 kg in this mode. But these are only external changes, much more important is how you will feel. Some people have even managed to get rid of chronic diseases that have plagued them for years.

Are you ready for transformation? Let’s go!

The basis of our diet will be foods with a low glycemic index: unpeeled cereals – brown rice, bulgur, buckwheat, barley; legumes – chickpeas, peas, beans, lentils; whole grain or wholemeal bread durum wheat pasta, a small amount of nuts and seeds.

The second stage of the pyramid is occupied by vegetables and fruits – they need to be eaten at least 5 times a day, they contain fiber and vitamins, and are combined with almost all other products. In the local market, you can stock up on them for a week in advance – there is always an excellent choice and the best prices.

The third place is occupied by healthy vegetable fats. Traditionally, this is olive oil, the choice of which is truly huge in Alanya. But there is one more contender. This is an avocado. In season, avocados are sold in such quantities that they can replace olive oil in terms of their composition.

The fourth step is given to fish and seafood – welcome to the fish market. We hope you know how to bargain, and if not, then you can go to the supermarket for the freshest fish. There is always a good selection of seafood in the fish departments of the big shops.

Poultry meat is in fifth place – chicken, turkey, duck, quail. This also includes low-fat dairy and sour-milk products, cheese. An excellent excuse to taste traditional Turkish yoghurt and test all types of local cheeses at the bazaar. Chicken and quail eggs also fall into this category, but they should not be eaten too often, no more than 4 per week.

We will put red meat on the last sixth step – no more than twice a month. We will also put sweets here like honey and dark chocolate.

From unwanted products – white flour and sugar, various fast food and sweet soda, strong alcohol, beer. Only a small amount of dry red wine is allowed from alcoholic beverages, unless prohibited by your religion or your healthcare provider.

Be sure to drink as much regular non-carbonated water as possible, and if you like tea and coffee, then stop adding sugar to them. Instead of sweets, buy yourself dried fruits – sweet dates and figs are sold in supermarkets and bazaars.

Schedule 30 minutes of outdoor activity daily. It can be just a walk, but if you are in good physical shape, you can take a short run or ride a bike. There is a beautiful bike path along the Alanya waterfront, and outdoor exercise machines are installed in parks and along the coastline.

Well, and most importantly, for comfortable compliance with all the recommendations of the Mediterranean diet, you just need to move to Alanya to your own apartment from the construction company Alaye Home Construction. You will have at your disposal not only the entire diet of a healthy food, but also your own pool, gym and sauna for the best wellness effect.

Welcome to a new quality of life with Alaye Home Construction!

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