Losing Weight After the New Year Holidays! “Alanya Mediterranean Diet”

Among all possible diets, the Mediterranean is considered the safest, and most importantly, the most effective by nutritionists. For the effect to be noticeable by July, we recommend that you start adhering to this diet right now. For those who live in Alanya, it will not be difficult to start following the dietary menu. All ingredients are plentiful in local supermarkets, and weekly bazaars selling fresh...

Explore the Surroundings of Alanya! “Damlatas Cave”

In travel guides for Alanya, you will invariably find Damlatas cave among the must-see places. It so happened that the most popular and famous places eventually lose their charm and uniqueness in the eyes of numerous visitors. Photos, videos on the web, reviews and articles about amazing places that have become public domain seem to dispel all secrets, revealing and parading what only a select few or no...

How to Celebrate the New Year in Alanya?

Having bought a property on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, we wish to fully experience the homely atmosphere in the new apartment, and celebrating the New Year with a Christmas tree, gifts and champagne will give that feeling of warmth and comfort. Where to buy the most delicious food, in which store Christmas trees are sold, and, most importantly, how to profitably buy for yourself that very cozy...

Sports and Leisure Activities in Autumn Alanya

Autumn in Alanya was active as always. The warmest city in Turkey is famous for its sports infrastructure. Athletes from all over the world come here for training and various competitions. When the summer heat gives way to comfortable autumn warmth and the air temperature does not rise above 30 degrees Celsius, the city hosts traditional competitions of athletes in various genres. So, in early...

Explore the Surroundings of Alanya! “Kargicak District”

What area to choose for living in Alanya if you want to be away from tourists in the summer, and at the same time be able to quickly and comfortably get to the city center in order to taste all the joys of city life on demand? Let's take a look at the Kargicak area. It is located next to the very developed area of ​​Mahmutlar on the D400 road towards Gazipasa Airport. What is the specificity of...

Alanya Received the Award as the Most Successful Municipality

Alanya Municipality has received an award at the Disaster and Emergency Management Summit. The summit took place in Istanbul, where the Mayor of Alanya Adem Murat Yucel arrived to take part in the event. In total, 21 municipalities took part in the summit. Alanya received the award in the category “Most Successful Municipality”, showing its worthy work in the field of organizing events of the main...

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