Assistance In Legal Matters

We have been engaged in the construction, sale and management of real estate for a long time, our experience includes more than 30 years of work and good cooperation with many city structures. Our legal support allows us to resolve many issues for our clients. We always help in any matters related to legalization in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, we advise in all key areas.

Preparation and execution of the transaction.

With us, you can be sure that the procedure for buying real estate will be as clear, fast and safe as possible. The entire course of the transaction is under the control of our experts, the work to ensure your comfort during the transaction is carried out by our professional managers.


Expert assessment of the quality of construction.

Our company is a professional developer with over 30 years of experience in Alanya. We, like no one else, know all the intricacies of the construction business in our region. Any property can be professionally assessed by our experts for compliance with the mandatory quality and safety criteria.


Legal due diligence of the acquired property.

Our team of lawyers uses all its resources to protect our clients from undesirable consequences from unscrupulous sellers. We carefully check each property before starting preparations for the transaction. Each object is subject to mandatory inspection by state authorities. The Turkish government is doing everything possible to protect foreigners who buy property in the territory of the Republic of Turkey.


Legal support of the transaction.

For each foreign client, we provide a licensed translator who is present at the time of the transaction and is responsible for the process of its implementation. If the client side needs to involve a lawyer or a highly specialized lawyer to carry out the transaction, we will provide the best specialists in Alanya.


Preparation of documents for obtaining the right of ownership.

Preparation of a list of necessary documents for obtaining ownership, assistance in obtaining the necessary documents, preparation of certificates, extracts, translations – we supervise all these issues ourselves, you will be minimally involved in this process. Participation will be required only in those matters where your personal presence is required.


Opening a bank account.

Our company promptly monitors all changes and conditions for opening accounts in Turkish banks for foreigners. We know what documents you will need to open an account, how long the procedure will take, what operations you can perform with a local bank account. Assistance in opening a bank account is the most frequent request from our clients, so we will be happy to arrange this procedure for you as soon as possible.


Obtaining a tax number.

In order to carry out real estate transactions and other legal transactions in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, you will need to obtain a local tax number. We will also be happy to help you in this matter as part of our cooperation.

Loan processing for foreigners.

Turkish banks provide loans for the purchase of real estate for foreigners. If you need to attract a loan from a Turkish bank, we will help you get a positive response on the most favorable terms. We constantly monitor the situation in the field of lending for foreigners and know what are the real requirements of Turkish banks to confirm the solvency of applicants. The loan can be issued for a period of 5-10 years.


Installment payment from the developer.

For foreigners who do not want to contact banks, there is a convenient option for installment payment from the developer. If you purchase an object at the initial stage of construction, you can make a down payment, and then during the entire construction period, pay the rest of the amount according to the agreed schedule. In this case, you do not overpay, but only win, since at the end of the construction the market value of the object will increase.


Registration and extension of a residence permit for the purchase of real estate.

The most common request from our clients is the issuance of a residence permit. We help free of charge to obtain a residence permit for clients who have purchased property through our company. This service also extends to their family members. You will only need to pay official state fees, we will cover the rest of the costs. You will also have a complete up-to-date list of required documents for applying for a residence permit, we will help with translations, apostille and other mandatory procedures. The annual renewal of your residence permit will also be carried out by our company upon your prior request.


Obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate.

There is a service for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. For this, the amount of acquired real estate according to official documents should be from $ 250,000. Subject to this condition and a number of other nuances, you and your family, except for children over 18 years old, can automatically obtain citizenship, and according to an accelerated scheme – in just 2 months. For those who own real estate in Turkey for more than five years, and for the same number of continuously living in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, leaving it for a minimum period, there is also the opportunity to obtain a passport. You can read more about obtaining Turkish citizenship, what gives a Turkish passport, in our separate article.


Preparation and translation of documents for submission to the Migration Service.

All preparation of documents for submission to the Migration Service will be carried out by our managers. We work with the best notary translators, lawyers and have constant contacts directly with the Migration Service, so our assistance in preparing documents for submission to government agencies is guaranteed to give you confidence in getting a positive result.


Real estate insurance, car insurance, medical insurance.

We help our clients arrange insurance for real estate and movable property. Insurance of housing, commercial objects, car – we will arrange for you the most favorable conditions with the most reliable and reputable insurance companies.

We also help to purchase health insurance for any range of medical services for any age.


Legal consultation.

Any legal issues that you have in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, you can entrust our lawyers. Our company has been on the market for a long time, we personally know and cooperate with the best specialists in Alanya, who have established themselves as professionals in their field.

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