After-sales Services

We do not leave our clients after they buy property through our company. Our managers are always in touch on any key issues related to home improvement and adaptation to a new life. You can count on our assistance in a variety of issues, an approximate list of which we announce below.

Resale of real estate.

Our company provides a service for the resale of your property. We take care of all the hassle and expenses for preparing documents, preparing real estate for sale, finding buyers, and organizing a transaction. We can carry out the resale service by proxy, without your personal presence. We discuss the details of this procedure with clients in advance.

If you have previously purchased a property built by our company Alaiye Home Construction, you can exchange it for a newer Alaiye Home property by paying the required amount. We independently organize the entire process of selling your property and provide you with the most favorable conditions for the purchase of new properties built by our company.

Renting out real estate.

Your real estate can work for you without your direct participation. If you want to receive income from renting out your apartments, we will be happy to take on the role of an intermediary and executor in these matters. We will take care of absolutely all the troubles associated with the rental business – finding tenants, moving in and out, maintaining the premises in good condition, timely repairs. You will only have to regularly receive money from the rent.

Payment of subscriber accounts.

For your convenience, we can arrange for the payment of the subscription bills that are attached to your property so that you do not have to worry about these obligations. The function of payment for energy supply, water supply, Internet, aidat, annual property taxes and other obligatory payments will be fully entrusted to our company.

Contracts for energy and water supply.

We provide assistance in drawing up contracts for the supply of energy and water supply services. These contracts can be drawn up either with the help of a power of attorney for a representative of our company, or by you personally, accompanied by our representative as an interpreter and assistant.

Internet connection.

The public Internet in most residential complexes does not have sufficient speed for comfortable use, so the question often arises of individually connecting a convenient package of Internet provider services. We will help you choose the best offer on the market in terms of price, quality and internet speed. The connection agreement can also be drawn up by proxy.

Connecting a mobile number.

Upon arrival in Alanya, you will definitely need local SIM card. We will help you choose the best tariff and operator that will satisfy all your needs. We will also advise you on the payment of state duty for an imported mobile phone, together we will develop a scheme for the most profitable strategy to avoid blocking your phone in the territory of the Republic of Turkey. We remind you that according to the law, 3 months after entering Turkey, all foreign mobile phones are subject to either blocking or official tax, the amount of which has increased significantly in recent years. In this regard, many foreigners living in Turkey on a permanent basis prefer to buy a new phone here, and mobile phones imported from abroad are turned off.


After buying an apartment or commercial premises, there is a need for cleaning services. Our company provides a high-class service in this area for both light cleaning and cleaning of premises with serious pollution or pollution after repair. You can contact us with any task in this matter – professional cleaning of premises, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and textiles, regular cleaning of your home.

Major and minor repairs.

Our company has a large set of specialists ready to carry out repair work of any nature. From major restructuring, renovation of the premises and turnkey repairs to minor repairs of electrics, plumbing, household appliances, furniture. Any of your requests will be considered and executed by our masters.

Interior Design.

After buying a property, new owners often want to bring their own style to the premises, remodel it to their taste. For such clients, we provide an interior design service. A professional design manager will work with you to help develop and bring your design ideas to life.

Purchase of furniture, appliances, textiles.

For a comfortable life or renting out the purchased premises, it must be equipped with everything necessary – furniture, appliances, curtains, textiles. In matters of choosing and buying the best options on the market, you will be accompanied by our professional manager, who will not only select the best products, but will also help you save a lot on the final cost of purchases.

Balcony glazing.

In Turkey, as in most countries in the post-Soviet space, the service of glazing balconies is very popular. Balconies here are usually large and comfortable, their glazing significantly increases the usable living area. For this reason, both local and visiting foreigners install glazing on their balconies. We will be happy to advise you on this issue and take over the implementation of your balcony glazing project. Our professional craftsmen will do all the work as quickly, efficiently and aesthetically as possible.

Assistance in choosing a medical institution.

If you or your loved ones in Alanya need medical assistance or support, we will tell you in detail about all the medical facilities available in Alanya, we will advise the best specialists in both private and public clinics. In many institutions you will be able to speak with doctors in your own language – they will provide you with an interpreter free of charge.

Advice when choosing a school, kindergarten.

For your children there is an opportunity to choose the best educational institution, taking into account their needs and plans. We are well aware of all the existing children’s educational institutions in Alanya. We will be happy to help you make the right choice. In Alanya there are both private and public schools and kindergartens, foreigners are accepted everywhere.

Car rental.

Alanya has a well-developed public transport and taxi service, but those who are used to using a private car will find it more convenient to use the car rental service provided by our company. Our fleet has versatile models that will be comfortable in the city in any weather. We also provide VIP transportation. Of course, while viewing the property and on all issues related to the transaction, we will carry you on the company’s transport, you will not need to think about how to get to your destination.

Leisure activities: excursions, VIP transfers, entertainment activities.

For our clients, we provide the service of organizing excursions to the iconic places of Alanya and Turkey. Through our company, you can organize your dream trip to any corner of our beautiful country. We cooperate with the best specialists in the field of tourism, who provide our clients with the hottest excursion offers on favorable terms. For those who love an active lifestyle, we can organize activities such as paragliding, fishing, water sports, yachting, horseback riding and much more. And of course, we know all the best restaurants in the city and will provide you with this secret list.

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