Inspection trip

Inspection trip

 As a company we provide an excellent organization and do our best to make the purchasing process easier for our customers who desire and want to purchase a real estate in Turkey. We also consider every little detail our customer may need.

 Our customers who come here to buy a property, undertake the formalities of their flight reservations from Alanya Gazipaşa Airport and we as a company ensure their safe and reliable airport transfer.

 We also have personal service available.

 In the purpose of not boring you with real estate trips, we arrange you your private portfolio program and we show you real estate of high quality that won’t outgo your budget. You can know for certain that you will not get bored during this trip. Because there is a portfolio booklet available we can visit the real estates you choose or  continue the special real estate tour we’ve prepared for you. You will be accompanied  by our portfolio manager throughout the whole tour and they will answer your questions.

 After you land here our company will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the hotel you will be staying.

 After your flight we will place you in your comfortable hotel room and wait until you get over the exhaustion of your trip. We will deal with the small situations and details for you to give your maximum attention to our contract and don’t worry about those small thing. We will not get to our trip until you have no question marks in your head.

You will be accompanied by our best employees on your trip and will have a good start to your purchasing process. Because it is really important for us to have a connection with our customers we will help you with everything and will be here for you during this whole process.

 We discuss the formality of our contract with our customers and answer every question they have. You will be able to discuss every small detail of the contract and will be able to decide where you want to visit the next day .

 We will be really glad to use our talents in your best interest. For detailed information you can contact  us trough our official company telephone number or messaging section of our site.


Alaiye Home's Inspection trip does not obligate you to buy real estate, however, in case you purchase a property in our company, the free tour will be free, Alaiye Home will assume all expenses associated with its organization.

When buying a property for less than 50 thousand Euros, an orientation tour will be provided free of charge for 1 adult.

When you purchase a property for between 50 and 100 thousand euros, an orientation tour will be provided free of charge for 2 adults.
A further increase in the purchase price gives you the right to a free tour for 1 person for every 50 thousand euros.
Children under 16 can additionally take part in our tour, we will take care of all expenses for their stay, except for air tickets.
If after a fact-finding tour you are not ready to buy a house or apartment, you will need to pay for the entire tour only 450 euros per person ***.

You are invited to our paradise Alanya, to get our inspection details do not hesitate to contact us please!

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