F.A.Q Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to learn the Turkish language?

Up to your choose ! In almost all shops, restaurants and shops communicate either in English Scandinawian languages or Russian. If you want to learn the language, there are possibilities for this, we can help you to find courses, but it is looking not a neccesariy.

What currency used in Turkey?

In Turkey, used the 2 currencies. The local Turkish Lira and Euro. but you can come here all kind of currency we have cahnge office in all street when you need money you can change it there.

What about Hospital & Dental?

Alaiye Home has an agreement with profosor doctors and a reputable dentist in at very comfortable prices. They are successful person in their department, Access the day in a safe and sterile environment.

 Can I rent out my property?

Yes of course. The main season is from April to October but you should still be able to rent it out over the winter months at lower rates. At the height of the summer you can expect a more reasonable return. We can help you about this subject if you need our help. Our properties has absolutely high rental return you can be sure about this.

How long do I have to wait before getting my title deed?

It takes around 1 week for you to have your title deed starting from the day you purchase a property in Turkey. The important thing is sometimes tapu office can be crowded so tapu staff can be busy, sometimes is empty, maybe you can not wait 1 week you can take early your tapu.

Can I get residence permit in Turkey(İkamet) if I buy a property in Turkey? 

As a home owner or property tenant, you are eligible to have resident's permit in Turkey. Home owner's wife and clhildren will have to right to obtion resident's permit as well. Duration of each resident's permit is one year and before it expires  you should renew it.

Is it possible and sensible to borrow money for property in Turkey?

It is possible through our bank to finance your dream home with up to 50 % of the purchase price. Our team can help you about this subject. We just need your sallary paper from your company which you are working there and bank account documans from 3 mounths, one of address paper like driving licance,electirc or water bill .

Can I own more than one property in Turkey?

Yes you can own as many homes you want.

How do I get paid the bills for electricity, water and other fees when not in Turkey?

Anyone who purchases a property through from Alaiye Home,we  offer a service agreement that includes payment of their bills when you're not here. Feel free to contact us for more info about our service agreement. Also you can open bank account in Turkey and you can give automatic payment order.

When can we use our property?

When you order an inspection at 1 week and if they find their dream home within 2 days so do Alaiye Home  its utmost to ensure that the customer should get to sleep one or two nights in his new house fully furnished before returning home. We are on around the clock until we are the goal.

What documents do I need to buy a home?

The paper shows that it is passport needed to buy property in Turkey. And tax number which is you can get it from taxt office in Alanya. The rest of the paperwork, documentation and tasks taking Alaiye Home off. We have regular routines at all. Also 2 photos.

How do you arrange for insurance of home?

We have cooperation partners in the insurance industry and help all our customers with the company and the right price.

If they wanted more questions against buying property in Turkey, just send an e-mail to us.

Emai:  info@alaiyehome.com

Can I take my money back to my country if I sell my property?

Yes, there are absolutely no restrictions for you to take your money back to your country of origin, except the capital gain tax that you will eventually have to pay.

What are the local taxes I will have to pay?

There are a couple of municipal taxes to be paid twice a year, but very minimal compared to major European cities. When you come Alanya Alaiye Home team help to pay in that tax.

What is ISKAN?

ISKAN is a living space proof that every real estate must have. This document is given by the local authority and proves that the real estate has received all necessary approvals and is used for residential purposes, and is allowed to live there permanently. ISKAN is also required for new registrations of electricity and water.

What is AIDAT?

 Aidat : everything about monthly fee for amenities of the residential complex. After buying property in one of the residential complexes in Turkey one encounters an important term ‘aidat’. So what does 'aidat' mean?

 ‘Aidat’ is a monthly payment for maintenance of the residential complex. All of the residents have to pay it independent of whether they permanently reside in their apartment or not. Payment of ‘aidat’ is regulated by the Turkish law on condominiums according to which the size of the payment is determined at the meetings of the residents.


Here we tried to give answers to the most important questions.

If your question is not here, feel free to contact us. Our team glad to help you everytime 

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